Frequently Asked Questions

MOCAT has put together a list of the top Frequently Asked Questions about how our online courses can help you begin your career as an Independent Adjuster.

Who is MOCAT?
We are real-life adjusters who work Catastrophic Events, Daily Claims, and the Appraisal Process. Over the years, we have met and worked alongside adjusters who were frustrated with the lack of education in their field.  We call them the Average Frustrated Adjusters, AFA. Our desire is to change the lack of education in the industry and provide a clear path to a successful insurance adjusting career. 

Over the past few years, we have been OBSESSED with... Why do new independent adjusters have such a huge failure rate? Why doesn't anyone teach the complete solution!?! We spent our early days interviewing Independent Adjusting (IA) Firms and Insurance Carriers to find out the answer to this question. Finally, we were able to piece together all the different things that worked (and tossed out what didn't work). We came up with the MOCAT Four Core Competencies. Each competency is equally important. What we discovered, most new adjusters only possessed one or at most, two of the four core. The net result was, new adjusters have a 50% to 75% chance of failure! It doesn't have to be this way! That is why we developed our patent pending Four Core Competencies!

What Are The Four Core Competencies?
The Four Core Competencies are: Policy, Claim Management, Scoping and Estimatics. Each is equally important to the success of an independent adjuster.  Policy must be understood and applied on every claim. Claim Management helps you organize your claims systematically and efficiently. Scoping is identifying the damaged components of a structure. Estimatics is learning the software used to write your estimate to repair the damaged structure.

How Does It Work?
How does it work? Our approach is based on our core belief that there are three elements required for success. 
1. Commitment - You MUST have a committed mind and be 100% “ALL IN". You must be serious about taking action, and motivated to achieve your goals. Without commitment, no one will ever be able to make a lasting change!
2. Clarity - Instead of spending days, weeks, months, or even YEARS searching, clicking, and scrambling to put together all the pieces required for success, you must follow a proven system, roadmap or path from Point A to Point B. This is what MOCAT Online provides! The exact formula you need to get where you want to go.
3. Confidence - The final element is confidence, knowing you have dedicated support and mentorship. 

We are in this together! So, if you’re frustrated with the current state of your career, we have the clear path to follow and unparalleled support to help you reach your goals.

How Is This Different From Other Online Courses?
Great question! If you’re reading this right now, there is about a 99.999% chance you have spent more than a fair amount of time and money researching which online course is right for you. There is little doubt that you have probably clicked on countless ads, consumed more than a healthy dose of blogs or videos, and purchased more than a few courses - all from self-proclaimed experts and gurus who say they can help you be a successful independent adjuster overnight. But you are here because you are most likely still researching to find the best path to success as an independent adjuster!  

Instead of wasting your time stuck in a state of complete information overload, trying to duct tape together all the pieces required for success, our online courses provide a crystal clear step-by-step pathway to reach your destination! But here is the main reason we are different. We offer a one year mentorship program for all of our online students. Once you complete your course, we have a virtual mentorship program once a week where we offer a LIVE training called MOCAT Mentor Monday! Come to this live session each week to help mentor your way to success!

Upon Course Completion, Will I Be MOCAT Certified?
Upon completion of our Online Course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition, Also, MOCAT will offer a MOCAT Certification exam. Upon passing the exam, you will receive our MOCAT Certification.

Can I Really Make Six-Figures As A New Independent Adjuster?
YES!! Depending upon your level of competency, you can make six-figures as an Independent Adjuster! Many new adjusters only possess their Home State Adjuster License. Having your License is only 25% of what is needed for success. Research and proof has shown when an adjuster possesses all Four Core Competencies, his/her chances of making a six-figure income increases substantially!
Does MOCAT Have Relationships With Independent Adjusting Firms?
YES!! MOCAT is affiliated with the Legacy Group which consist of the following IA Firms: Pacesetter Claims, CRU Group, and CIS Group of Companies. You are guaranteed placement on each of these rosters after completion. In addition to the Legacy Group, we have strong relationships with many IA Firms. These firms recognize that MOCAT students have achieved a higher level of education. 

Am I Guaranteed Work?
Unfortunately, we nor any other company can guarantee an adjuster work. We CAN guarantee after completing our course, you will be a better prepared adjuster than most active adjusters presently working. MOCAT students have a higher success rate of obtaining work from IA Firms.

How Do I Get Started Today?
Choose which path is best for you. Path #1: Field Adjuster. Field Adjuster physically goes on-site and inspects damaged property. Path #2: Desk Adjuster. Desk Adjuster works on location or from home. Path #3: Combination Path. You have both Field Adjuster and Desk Adjuster Paths in one. This all-inclusive course provides the best of both worlds and creates a well-rounded adjuster.